Mommy Burnout Or is School Not What it Used to Be?

This is our first year at a charter school/public school.  I know that it’s not the same as a regular public school but it’s definitely not the schooling that I had when I was growing up.  It just seems like a lot.  They spend all day at school and this is an extended 6 hour day for Kindergarten.  Our situation is different because we have speech therapy twice a week and an online website called Hear Builders to practice 45 minutes a week.  However, the school has tutoring an hour a week, iReady which is an online program with 45 minutes math and 45 minutes reading a week.  Just yesterday, they sent us a letter for another online tool called IXL for 30 minutes a week.  And of course there is homework every night.

Does this seem like a lot or is it just me?  I understand “global economy” and that times have changed…but wow.  If they have to do so much in order to stay “competitive” or just keep up with the curriculum then maybe the curriculum needs to change.  Maybe it’s just me…Maybe it’s just Mommy Burnout?

11 thoughts on “Mommy Burnout Or is School Not What it Used to Be?

  1. Seems like a lot to me too but I have also been out of the “having a child in school” mode for many years. Things have changed quite over that period of time

  2. Homework is really not recommended for children under 10. But, most schools do go with the 10 minutes per grade rule which I can deal with and NO homework in kindergarten unless you count reading to your child. We always pushed back a bit on homework because it begins to infringe on our family time and at times was hours of tears. Maybe get some information together and ask why so much homework? Has it been proven to be effective?

    1. Great information thank you…(reading to my kids is not being counted as homework)…I will follow up with them on these questions…thanks again…:)

  3. I feel ya. I have one kiddo(8yrs) in an inclusive classroom with developmental disabilities and an older brother(11yrs) who we pulled out of public school a year ago. We homeschool him and he goes to a coop group 2 days a week. This coop which we pay $130 a month for the two days, requires us to teach a class once a week and do 5 hours of volunteering each week. Plus when you pick up your child your supposed to clean something. It’s driving me crazy! Along with monthly parent meeting that take 2 hours! Ok, I’m done ranting… lol

    1. Hehehe…thank you for sharing. I have been researching homeschooling and looking at coops for a while…I didn’t know that coops could require so much time as well. Good to know…:)

      1. I have some homeschool info on my blog if you want to check it out. I don’t have a lot of content yet (I’m just getting started with blogging), but I have a bunch of experience since I’ve been schooling my 4 kids for the past 8 years 😉 I personally have tons of info I could give you if you are interested (I just haven’t typed out everything yet. It’s a work in progress on the blog side of things ).

  4. It’s definitely not just you! We tried public school for the first 3 years of my oldest…. we have been homeschooling since then (the past 8 years. Lol. It’s waaaaaay too much! The district here had a big fight last year bcuz they weren’t allowing elementary students recess time and were doing extra math instead 😳🙄 so a bunch of parents were fed up! This year it’s mandatory to have recess. No wonder all these kids are “hyperactive “ I’d be bouncing off the walls too if I had to “sit still and be quiet” as a kindergartener for 6 hours every day. We as adults aren’t even expected to do that all day-everyday , how can we expect them to?

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