Soil Blocks And Cold Frames

soilbock2Soil Blocks

Soil blocks do not have paper cups or anything around the soil.  You will use a cutter to create the block shape.  The soil will remain together but needs to have a lot of water in order for it to me made.  You will let the blocks sit for about 30 minutes and then put in the seedlings.  The soil block maker will already make a hole to put the seedlings in.

Roll Up Cold Frame

A roll up cold frame is when the top of the cold frame is plastic and can be rolled up a few inches at a time using a long piece of wood at the bottom. The weight of the wood holds down the plastic.  This type of cover is beneficial because you gradually expose the plants to the elements by rolling up the top little by little. Putting a double layer will help to insulate the plants during cold winter nights.

In the video below you will see that the cold frame is connected to the house.  To learn the process and to see the cold frame design, watch the video below from Swedish Homestead.

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