A Children’s Bible Your 5 Year Old Will Love

Recently my 4 and 5 year old were arguing over a children’s bible.  I had two copies but one of them was six years old and is starting to break. The ones from six years ago was bilingual and was purchased for my daughter a few months before she was born.  The second copy is only in English and was in perfect condition so now both of them wanted this one.  I decided to buy a new one for my daughter that was again in Spanish and English.  I hope to teach them to read in Spanish as they get older.

For a few weeks now they have been all about this bible.  They take it everywhere and are always asking for us to read from it.  Perhaps its the colorful illustrations combined with watching Superbook. They are even sleeping with their bibles.  It’s hard to tell them that it is time to go to sleep when they keep asking for more stories.  It brings me such joy to see this.  So I want to share this book in case anyone is looking for a children’s bible.  I hope your little one will enjoy it as much as mine do.

English Only Version


Spanish/English Version

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