Lean Vs Lard Pigs For Your Homestead

If you are looking into raising pigs on your homestead, here is some useful information that might help you. Lean breeds are more common these days because they do not produce as much fat as the lard breeds.  Here are a few more differences between a lard breed and a lean breed pig.

Lard Hogs: (American Guinea)

  • Smaller and shorter
  • Round and fuller bodies
  • Take longer to gain weight (Can take about a year to reach 150LB)
  • Don’t eat as much as a Lean Hog

Why would you want a lard pig?  The lard hog is good if you want to render the lard for cooking.  A smaller pig and a slower growing pig can be more manageable than a larger one.  You could probably raise the pig just on your food scraps.  The American Guinea hog is more docile.

Lean pig: (Red Wattle)

  • More muscular and taller
  • Produce less fat
  • Grow Faster (In 6 months it can weight up to 300LB)
  • Eat more

To learn more, watch the video below from Art and Bri.

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