Lean Vs Lard Pigs For Your Homestead

If you are looking into raising pigs on your homestead, here is some useful information that might help you. Lean breeds are more common these days because they do not produce as much fat as the lard breeds.  Here are a few more differences between a lard breed and a lean breed pig. Lard Hogs: […]

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Homeschool Bible Curriculum

I am looking into a Homeschool Bible curriculum for my kids.  I only really know of ABeka Books but I am not sure if this is the right way to go.  My children love for me to read bible stories, we pray together and they love watching Superbook and other bible related videos.  I feel […]

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Online Homeschooling — Homeschool Here

  Online schooling is a great way to bridge the gap between traditional school and homeschool. There is a great support network for you as the parent and your child. Someone else for your child to be accountable to and to teach the lessons. It can really lighten the load for parents, especially parents of multiple… […]

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