Buff Orpington Sustainable Backyard Chicken

If you are still considering different types of breeds for your backyard flock, the Buff Orphington might be one for you to look into.  For one homesteader in Tennessee, this is one of her top choices.  She has even isolated her hens so that she has pure Buff Orphinton chicks in the future. Reasons for... Continue Reading →


Recipe – 4 Ingredient Flat Bread

Making bread can be intimidating when you have never done it before.  However, when looking at the ingredients of store bought bread, even if it's from the bakery, it can make anyone begin to think that they need to start making their own bread. Just look at the ingredient list from the bakery bread below. ... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Grower for Baker Creek

Now that you know how to save your seeds, is it possible to make money by producing seeds for a seed company?  You would think not but Yes!!, you can! One company that has others growing for them is Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.  They do not actively recruit for this but they do not... Continue Reading →

Remedies And Medicinal Uses of Oregano

Oregano doesn't just taste good but it also has several medicinal properties.  If you are looking for a more natural way of treating certain issues, oregano is something that you can grow in your own garden and use when you need to.  It can be used for cold sores, muscle pain, acne, dandruff, digestion, bronchitis, toothache,... Continue Reading →

GMO Seeds – A Case for Homesteading

GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seem to be everywhere these days and increasing. They are hidden in foods you wouldn't have even thought of. GMO seeds are not available for purchase at your typical home goods stores. They are available only for commercial farmers at this time. For those of us who are really concerned about... Continue Reading →

Preserving Herbs From The Garden

Drying herbs from the garden can be done by air-drying or by using a dehydrator. Other methods include drying them in the oven or outdoors.  Harvesting should be done mid-morning, after the morning dew has dried off of them. Low moisture herbs are best for air-drying while herbs with more moisture are usually dried using... Continue Reading →

Dehydrating – Food Preservation

Dehydration is a process that extracts the moisture from food. Most people use a dehydrator but there are DIY ways of doing it without electricity such as using a solar oven.  Some nutrition is lost during the dehydration process such as Vitamin A and C.  However for foods that you would blanch before such as... Continue Reading →

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