Exploring the Ozarks for Homesteading

This site is all about planning a homestead in the Ozarks for the beginner and for those moving from another part of the world.  What is the climate like?  Where are you able to homestead?  Where are you not?  We will be focusing on the Northwest Arkansas region.  This area includes Benton and Madison county.  Some of the cities/towns in the area includes Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville, Hindsville, Huntsville and more.

We will include what you will need to think about when planning a homestead, finances, equipment, live stock, what to grow, preparedness (food storage, home solar systems, drinking water well) to name a few topics.  We will also be focusing on how you can make money off of your homestead.  Where the farmer’s markets are and their schedules.

Come join us on an exploration of the Northwest Arkansas Region and living in the Ozarks.