Saving Hundreds on Electricity

There are so many ways that we can save money on our electric bill.  Here are a few tips. Don't put your refrigerator so cold. Keep your washing machine set to cold water and only do full loads. Hang dry your clothes Use day light when possible. Use a toaster oven when possible instead of... Continue Reading →


Foods To Help Fight Colds

We experience many colds during the winter.  If you are like many and would like to fight a cold naturally then here are some foods that will help calm your symptoms. Ginger - Hot ginger tea is used for cold symptoms and sore throat. Honey and lemon are sometimes added. Honey - To calm a sore... Continue Reading →

Victory Gardens of The 1940s

While researching farm layouts, I stumbled across something that I never new existed.  Have you ever heard of a Victory Garden or a War Garden?  During WWI and WWII the United States encouraged Victory Gardens in their homes and at local parks to help increase food production.  20 million gardens produced 8 million tons of... Continue Reading →

A Frankenstein Tomato

While I am waiting for my own tomatoes to grow, I still have to buy them from the super market.  The strangest thing happened when I cut this one in half.  It had no pulp!!  I had just cut it in half....Who scooped out the pulp?...Needless to say ...I was so shocked by this that... Continue Reading →

Stevia – Growing A Natural Sweetener

Stevia is a plant that you can grow in your garden and turn into a natural sweetener for your homestead.  Stevia is a good sweetener for those with type 2 Diabetes.  It can increase insulin production and stabilize blood sugar levels.  To learn more about Stevia as a sugar substitute for Diabetics, go to "The... Continue Reading →

Starting a Tea Garden

If you like tea and are thinking of starting an tea herb garden, here are some herbs to consider. Lemon Verbena - Said to improve digestion, joint pain and fever reducer Mint - Is used for digestive disorders, abdominal pain and stomach cramps Thyme - Said to calm stomach problems and sore throat. Chamomile -... Continue Reading →

Ruth Stout – No Till Gardening With Hay

Ruth Stout started gardening at the age of 45 as a conventional gardener. With time she began to develop her own methods based on her gardening success.  She wrote articles and several books about her methods including one called "Gardening Without Work". Her methods include: hay mulch – (you can also use straw) - used to keep... Continue Reading →

Building A Homestead Library

Being a homesteader requires learning a wide spectrum of things. This body of knowledge includes carpentry, animal husbandry, butchery, food preservation, gardening, cooking/baking, nutrition, natural remedies, seed saving, and I'm sure I left a few things out.  It can be quit overwhelming.  However some of the things that we love about it, is that it... Continue Reading →

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