A Homestead Plan For 2019

Last year we decided that we wanted a change.  After several years of talk about leaving the city that we are in, we finally sold out home and purchased one in NW Arkansas.  Our main goal this year is to get out to NW Arkansas.  We pray that the Lord will bless us with the... Continue Reading →


We Have Germination!!

On Friday, December 28th we had a fun family experience sowing seeds.  We couldn't believe our eyes Monday morning when we saw little green leaves coming out of the soil!!  This image was taken on Monday morning but yesterday I saw even more.  Lettuce were the first seeds that started to come up but yesterday... Continue Reading →

Culantro – A Medicinal Herb

In our house we love cooking with Culantro.  We use it to make Cuban rice and beans (Congris) and bean soup (Potaje).  It can also be used for salads, seasoning meat and salsa. Culantro is sometimes confused with Cilantro but these are two different things. Cilantro has flowery leaves that come out of the top of a thin... Continue Reading →

A Family Sows A Garden

This winter break has been a true blessing for this working mom.  Some how our team at work was bless with being able to work remotely for a week, giving this mom and wife the gift of time with her family.  The gift of taking care of household duties without rushing because of having to... Continue Reading →

Foraging In The Ozarks – Medicinal Usnea

Usnea grows all over the world but do not grow in areas where there is a lot of air pollution.  It is a lichen (an algae fungus combination) and it is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. Common Uses: Help with staph infections Heal wounds Respiratory issues Allergy symptoms Sore throat Fungal infections such as Candida Urinary infections... Continue Reading →

Garlic Harvesting Tips

Plant garlic in the fall and harvest mid summer.  But, how do you know when your garlic is ready to be harvested?  You will know when there is brown on the tips and then turn over.  Look at the bottom leaves.  When 2 or 3 leaves start to brown and dry, it means that your... Continue Reading →

Curing and Storing Garlic

In a previous article, we learned about growing garlic.  Here we will learn about what the next steps are after they are harvested.  These steps include curing and storing. Curing (Drying) If the soil is still moist around the garlic bulb you want to lay out the garlic so that they can dry off for... Continue Reading →

Homestead Planning Tips

As many of us learn about homesteading, we might feel discouraged seeing that so many homesteaders have a lot more space to grow and raise food.  However, I have seen quite a few videos and articles saying that you can actually raise a lot of food in small places.  I have even seen it mentioned... Continue Reading →

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