Canning Raw Meat

It is good to have meat stored in different ways other than just the freezer.  Another way of storing meat is through pressure canning.  If there is a power outage and you are not on solar this a great way to keep your meat from rotting.  It may also give you a sense of comfort... Continue Reading →


Building A Homestead Library

Being a homesteader requires learning a wide spectrum of things. This body of knowledge includes carpentry, animal husbandry, butchery, food preservation, gardening, cooking/baking, nutrition, natural remedies, seed saving, and I'm sure I left a few things out.  It can be quit overwhelming.  However some of the things that we love about it, is that it... Continue Reading →

Water Bath Canning Tools

Water bath canning is probably the most popular ways of canning.  Here are some of the basic tools that you will need to start water bath canning. Large water bath canner Thermometer for testing the water temperature Jar lifter Jars New lids Bands for each jar Canning funnel Marker and labels Clean dish towels for... Continue Reading →

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