Raw Milk – As Good as Cash on the Homestead

Most people feel that having a family cow might mean too much milk.  For a smaller family, one option would be to go with a family cow such as a Dexter that does not produce as much as a Jersey.  It is also a miniature but it produces about 1 1/2 to 2 gallons a […]

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Permaculture – Eliminate Chicken Feed Cost

Could it be possible to eliminate chicken feed costs?  Have you ever thought of letting your chicken feed off of your compost pile?  There are several videos saying that this is a great way to reduce or even eliminate your cost on chicken feed.  They will eat worms for protein as well as grains. Here […]

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Selecting the Right Backyard Chickens

In general hens usually start laying eggs at around 6 months.  Heavy weight breeds such as Plymouth Rocks can start laying eggs a bit later.  Light weight breeds such as Austrlorps may start sooner. Egg production usually slows down during the winter and usually after the 2 year mark egg productions slows down in general. […]

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