A Children’s Bible Your 5 Year Old Will Love

Recently my 4 and 5 year old were arguing over a children’s bible.  I had two copies but one of them was six years old and is starting to break. The ones from six years ago was bilingual and was purchased for my daughter a few months before she was born.  The second copy is […]

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Our Classical Charter School Experience

Where I currently live, charter schools are the highest performing schools.  I entered my children’s names in all of the Charter schools in our area last year, thinking that it would be better than a regular public school.  They were both accepted to school that was opening up a Pre-K program so this was great […]

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Preparing Young Children For a Homestead Life

Are you an urban dweller dreaming of leaving the city to start a homestead out in the country?  Do you have young children and perhaps are thinking that this might be a big change for them as well?  Perhaps you are moving away from family and friends to make your homesteading dream a reality.  As […]

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