Crop Rotation at the Veggie-Bed — Urban Gardening

  Writer: Tom Myrick Sponsored By: LawnCare by Tom At the Veggie-Bed this 2019 growing season, we decided to group vegetables that have similar nutritional requirements in the same beds. The groups are designated to the following categories: • Leaf Crops (utilizes nitrogen in the soil) • Legume Crops (replenishes nitrogen in the soil) • […]

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Growing Garlic in Warm Climates

Garlic is planted about a month before the first frost.  It is a crop that loves the cold.  But if you are in a warmer climate what do you do? Well here are a few tips to help you out. Place the garlic in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 weeks. Grow in a container.  […]

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Pallet Grow Wall – Small Space Gardening

While many places are in the middle winter, other parts of the world are still in the middle of their growing season.  Have you ever thought of taking a pallet and turning it into a vertical wall to grow crops?  The image on my right shows the vertical growing wall just 3 weeks after planting. […]

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