Ways to Use Goat Milk – Making Money on the Homestead

There are so many ways of using goats milk other than just drinking it, cereals or milk shakes.  Did you know that goat milk is easier to digest than regular a1 milk.  I posted a blog a while back on making goat milk soap but there is so much more that you can do with it.  […]

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Sheep, Goat, and Cow Milk Nutrition

For the most part people gravitate towards cows milk unless there is an issue digesting it.  There are alternatives such as soy, rice and almond milk but if you are starting a homestead you may want look into goat or sheep milk.  Goat milk is definitely more popular, but both sheep and goats have smaller […]

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Are you thinking of Goats for Dairy?

If you have never tried goats milk, maybe it time.  When considering how much space you have for live stock on your homestead, you might begin to lean towards goats for dairy.  Here is just some information I have gathered to help you decide. Benefits: Less space – 2 to 10 goats per acre Less […]

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