Double Layer Insulated Greenhouse

While learning about how to keep a greenhouse warm, I came across a video that talk about how air running through the green house walls can insulate the greenhouse.  They do this by having two layers of polycarbonate.  When air blows between them it causes an R5 insulation effect.  The cost in electricity is the […]

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Keeping a Greenhouse Warm in Winter

While a greenhouse will stay warm during the day, the temperature will drop at night.  How much it drops depends on what material you put in it to keep it warm. Having a thermostat in the greenhouse will help you know when you need to start warming it up. Here is a list of ideas […]

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Growing Citrus In Cold Climates

Is it a waste of time to try to grow citrus in the Ozarks?  Of course not!!  You will never know if you can until you try.  And if you have a greenhouse you might be able to!!  Some choose to keep their not so cold hardy plants and trees in pots so that they […]

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