Saving Hundreds on Electricity

There are so many ways that we can save money on our electric bill.  Here are a few tips. Don’t put your refrigerator so cold. Keep your washing machine set to cold water and only do full loads. Hang dry your clothes Use day light when possible. Use a toaster oven when possible instead of […]

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27 Ways to Make Money on The Homestead

This is just a quick list on some of the ways that you can make money from your homestead. Sell at the farmers market – research first…what are they in need of? Eggs Salad greens Cut flowers Herbs Home made spices from dehydrated herbs Processed meat Desserts Shakes All Produce Rabbit Manure as fertilizer Homemade […]

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Money on the Homestead – Rabbit Manure

If you are considering raising rabbits on the homestead as a meat source, you will also find that there are a few ways of also making money on the homestead with them.  You can sell rabbit meat, live rabbits as pets or meat rabbits for others to reproduce on their homestead and sell their manure […]

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