How to Grow Microgreens – Making Money on The Homestead

Microgreens are not only packed with nutrients they have a quick turn around as well.  It can also be turned into a business depending on where you live.  If you are an urban homesteader, you might have some restaurants that would love to buy locally.  However, even if you don't get to sell to restaurants,... Continue Reading →


Cow – Terms And Tips

I have been doing a lot of research on cows.  This week has been about Dexters.  They are a heritage miniature breed originally from Ireland.  While looking for breeders, I have been coming across some terminology that I have never heard of.  Below is a list of cow terms that you will find when looking... Continue Reading →

A Winter Treat for Chickens

Chicken work hard during the winter to stay warm.  This treat will help keep them and also give them a nutrition boost. Ingredients: Meat fat - You can use Beef or Goat meat fat that you might have stored. Chicken scratch - Something containing corn would be ideal since it will help to raise their... Continue Reading →

Non-Profit Farms That Inspire

Many of us who understand the importance of growing food organically and without hormones have the desire to reach out to others, make a change, teach or empowers others to homestead or farm.  If you have that desire to start a non-profit farm, here are two agriculture based non-profits to inspire you. Cobblestone Farm Cobblestone... Continue Reading →

Growing Fodder Over The Winter

Over the winter, while there is no grass, you can grow fodder to help feed your chickens and rabbits.  It provides an excellent source of protein and fiber.  But what is fodder? Fodder is a term used for food such as plants that is given to livestock rather than having them forage for food.  You can... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Microgreens

Microgreens are vegetables and herbs that are harvested between 1 to 3 weeks.  They are the same plants but they are said to have more nutrients that the fully grown vegetable.  Microgreens have a high antioxidant content making it food that prevents diseases and promotes health.  Studies have shown that there are high levels of... Continue Reading →

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