Regrowing Store Bought Vegetables And Herbs

Here is a list of vegetables and herbs that you can regrow in your garden. Ginger – Break apart ginger into desired pieces.  Sow them and water.  In about a month you should see them starting to come up. Green Onions – Cut the bottom of the green onion to about 1/2 an inch with […]

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We Have Germination!!

On Friday, December 28th we had a fun family experience sowing seeds.  We couldn’t believe our eyes Monday morning when we saw little green leaves coming out of the soil!!  This image was taken on Monday morning but yesterday I saw even more.  Lettuce were the first seeds that started to come up but yesterday […]

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Small Scale Lettuce Growing Over the Winter

Lettuce is something that is cold hardy and can be grown over the winter.  All you need is a bag of potting soil, a packet of seeds, and a plastic container box.  The bottom of the container is used as a green house if you are in a cold climate area and need your greens […]

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