How to Grow Microgreens – Making Money on The Homestead

Microgreens are not only packed with nutrients they have a quick turn around as well.  It can also be turned into a business depending on where you live.  If you are an urban homesteader, you might have some restaurants that would love to buy locally.  However, even if you don't get to sell to restaurants,... Continue Reading →


Becoming a Grower for Baker Creek

Now that you know how to save your seeds, is it possible to make money by producing seeds for a seed company?  You would think not but Yes!!, you can! One company that has others growing for them is Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.  They do not actively recruit for this but they do not... Continue Reading →

What About Raising Quail?

Quails are beautiful birds that are kept in the homestead for meat and eggs.  While it is smaller than a chicken there are still several reasons why one would want to try raising quail on the homestead. Eggs - While their eggs are smaller, they are great egg layers.  They start laying eggs at about... Continue Reading →

Goats vs Sheep

Goats and sheep can both be kept as livestock in the homestead for meat and milk.  Goat meat is less in calories, cholesterol and saturated fats than beef, pork, lamb and chicken.  It is also higher in protein and iron than beef. Goats are more profitable than sheep meat because it is in higher demand. ... Continue Reading →

27 Ways to Make Money on The Homestead

This is just a quick list on some of the ways that you can make money from your homestead. Sell at the farmers market - research first...what are they in need of? Eggs Salad greens Cut flowers Herbs Home made spices from dehydrated herbs Processed meat Desserts Shakes All Produce Rabbit Manure as fertilizer Homemade... Continue Reading →

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