Cow Share – Making Money on the Homestead

If your cow is producing way too much milk for your family, you can sell the raw milk, however in some states this might be illegal.  One way that small farms are getting around this is something called a Cow Share or Herd Share.  It is done through a contract and basically the consumer is... Continue Reading →


Sheep, Goat, and Cow Milk Nutrition

For the most part people gravitate towards cows milk unless there is an issue digesting it.  There are alternatives such as soy, rice and almond milk but if you are starting a homestead you may want look into goat or sheep milk.  Goat milk is definitely more popular, but both sheep and goats have smaller... Continue Reading →

Mini Dairy Cow for the Homestead

Many times homesteaders will choose a mini cow rather than goats for milk.  Perhaps they do not like the temperament of goats, or the taste of goat milk.  For whatever the reason, it is up to the homesteader to decide if they want to take on providing their own milk source for their family.  Along... Continue Reading →

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