Tomato Garden Planning And Expansion

It may take a few seasons to figure out how many tomato plants it will take to produce all of the tomato products your family will need for an entire year.  For Living Traditions Homestead, they have reached that point.  They grow 70 tomato plants to feed their family of four which is about two […]

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Foraging In The Ozarks – Multiflora Rose

While walking through the forest in the Ozarks you might find wild berries and other plants that are edible and medicinal such as Multiflora rose.  The rose hips which look like tiny red berries can be used in tea. The image to the left is from the website.  These rose hips are rich in […]

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Nitrogen Fixing Trees – Permaculture

Swales are used to help water trees at the root.  It is suggested that you should grow nitrogen fixing trees.  These trees are said to bring nitrogen back into the soil through the help of bacteria from like beans do.  For a quick blog about this go to “Beans – The Nitrogen Booster!!” Below is […]

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