Building A Homestead Library

Being a homesteader requires learning a wide spectrum of things. This body of knowledge includes carpentry, animal husbandry, butchery, food preservation, gardening, cooking/baking, nutrition, natural remedies, seed saving, and I'm sure I left a few things out.  It can be quit overwhelming.  However some of the things that we love about it, is that it... Continue Reading →


A Homestead Plan For 2019

Last year we decided that we wanted a change.  After several years of talk about leaving the city that we are in, we finally sold out home and purchased one in NW Arkansas.  Our main goal this year is to get out to NW Arkansas.  We pray that the Lord will bless us with the... Continue Reading →

Homestead Planning Tips

As many of us learn about homesteading, we might feel discouraged seeing that so many homesteaders have a lot more space to grow and raise food.  However, I have seen quite a few videos and articles saying that you can actually raise a lot of food in small places.  I have even seen it mentioned... Continue Reading →

Can Pigs Plant a Garden?

Well they sure did for the Living Traditions Homestead family.  So not only does pork meat taste good and you could probably turn a profit if you decide to breed them, if you time things right they might even plant a garden for you.  So maybe rotational grazing for pigs might make sense. Here is the... Continue Reading →

Farm Eggs vs Store Bought Eggs

Have you ever wondered if there really is a difference in nutrition between farm fresh eggs and store bought eggs?  Well, there is a difference.  Farm fresh eggs have a lower amount of the bad cholesterol and saturated fat.  They also contain more Vitamin A, D, E and omega 3.  The shell is thicker and... Continue Reading →

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