Homestead Search – Strategic Relocation

It all started with a little nudge to move, a desire for a slower paced life, more time as a family and eating food the way that God intended (hormone and antibiotic free).  Then we came across a resource that really helped us to narrow down our search.  The book is called "Strategic Relocation" by... Continue Reading →


Saving Tomato Seeds – Fermentation

This is a quick reference on how to save tomato seeds.  It will include fermentation which helps remove germination inhibitors and seed-borne diseases.  Only heirloom seeds should be kept because hybrids will not breed true to the parent. Tools: Cup Water Colander Paper towel Rubber bands Envelope and pen Plate Steps: Select the tomato that... Continue Reading →

Water Harvesting on the Homestead

Water harvesting is what you collect rain water directly to use in your garden or at home for cooking, showering, and laundry.  This can be done by collecting the water that comes from your rain gutters into a plastic container.  This is a good backup water system if something were to happen where the city... Continue Reading →

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