How Many Quails Does It Take

If you are thinking of breeding quail, here are a few things to know.  Breeder quails should have 1 square foot per bird in their cage.  For a grow out pen you could have about 3 birds per square foot. Quail hens start to lay eggs between 6 to 8 weeks. It takes about 3 […]

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Urban Homesteading – Livestock

If you are in an urban setting, you can still have some livestock to help you gain some experience on homesteading and sustainable living.  Most people recommend rabbit and quail as the perfect urban homestead livestock. Here are just a few points to consider: Both are good meat sources but quail has less meat than […]

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What About Raising Quail?

Quails are beautiful birds that are kept in the homestead for meat and eggs.  While it is smaller than a chicken there are still several reasons why one would want to try raising quail on the homestead. Eggs – While their eggs are smaller, they are great egg layers.  They start laying eggs at about […]

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