Saving Hundreds on Electricity

There are so many ways that we can save money on our electric bill.  Here are a few tips. Don’t put your refrigerator so cold. Keep your washing machine set to cold water and only do full loads. Hang dry your clothes Use day light when possible. Use a toaster oven when possible instead of […]

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Family Farm Saves Money with Tax Exemptions

Several states in the US offer some sort of tax exemption for farmers which may also include small family farms.  If you sell just a couple of pigs, eggs, milk, flowers or any raw goods from the farm, you may qualify.  However, you may need to gross a certain amount in your state. Here are […]

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Build Your Soil For Free

Many times we think that the only way to build good soil is by going out and buying some gardening soil, manure, or compost.  If the concept of homesteading involves being self-sufficient then buying soil goes against that.  If you are looking to save money on your homestead and looking to be more self sufficient […]

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