A Frankenstein Tomato

While I am waiting for my own tomatoes to grow, I still have to buy them from the super market.  The strangest thing happened when I cut this one in half.  It had no pulp!!  I had just cut it in half....Who scooped out the pulp?...Needless to say ...I was so shocked by this that... Continue Reading →


Tomato Plant Maintenance Tips

This homesteader lives in East Tennessee which is a humid area.  Below are a few tips that she shares on keeping her tomato plants healthy in the middle of a hot and rainy summer. She prunes her tomatoes and gets rid of weeds. To prevent Blight (a plant disease caused by fungi such as mildews,... Continue Reading →

Saving Tomato Seeds – Fermentation

This is a quick reference on how to save tomato seeds.  It will include fermentation which helps remove germination inhibitors and seed-borne diseases.  Only heirloom seeds should be kept because hybrids will not breed true to the parent. Tools: Cup Water Colander Paper towel Rubber bands Envelope and pen Plate Steps: Select the tomato that... Continue Reading →

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