5 Gallon Container Vegetable Garden

Soon I will need to transplant my seedlings to bigger containers.  Currently we do not have a garden area that gets enough sun so we will need to use containers. Here are some of the pros and cons associated with container gardening. If you are considering using containers for your garden, here is a list […]

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Pallet Grow Wall – Small Space Gardening

While many places are in the middle winter, other parts of the world are still in the middle of their growing season.  Have you ever thought of taking a pallet and turning it into a vertical wall to grow crops?  The image on my right shows the vertical growing wall just 3 weeks after planting. […]

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Potato Abundance with Containers

If you are limited in space, planting potatoes in containers might be the way to go.  With the method shown in the video below, you use organic potting soil, cow manure, and peat moss in three equal parts.  You will only fill up the container one third of the way.  When you see that the […]

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