Benefits of Microgreens

Microgreens are vegetables and herbs that are harvested between 1 to 3 weeks.  They are the same plants but they are said to have more nutrients that the fully grown vegetable.  Microgreens have a high antioxidant content making it food that prevents diseases and promotes health.  Studies have shown that there are high levels of... Continue Reading →


Dehydrating – Food Preservation

Dehydration is a process that extracts the moisture from food. Most people use a dehydrator but there are DIY ways of doing it without electricity such as using a solar oven.  Some nutrition is lost during the dehydration process such as Vitamin A and C.  However for foods that you would blanch before such as... Continue Reading →

Can Pigs Plant a Garden?

Well they sure did for the Living Traditions Homestead family.  So not only does pork meat taste good and you could probably turn a profit if you decide to breed them, if you time things right they might even plant a garden for you.  So maybe rotational grazing for pigs might make sense. Here is the... Continue Reading →

Planting for Pest Control

A vegetable garden can attract all types of bugs including aphids, beetles, and worms.  Adding other types of plants can help deter pest and even attract bugs that will help keep down the pest population. Below is a list of just a few plants that you can grow around your vegetable garden to keep pests... Continue Reading →

The Garden Perennial List

When planning your garden it is very important to know which vegetables and fruits are annuals and which ones are perennials.  Below is a list of perennial fruit, vegetables, beans, herbs and nuts that you might be interested in growing and enjoying for years to come. Veggies Asparagus Onions - Shallots, Chives, Welsh Onions and... Continue Reading →

The Rise of the Homesteaders

Homesteading is basically a frame of mind where you want to be self-sufficient.  There is a growing movement all over the world where people are choosing to grow their own food instead of relying on the supermarket.  Many have a home garden with vegetables and fruits.  Some may choose to grow medicinal plants as well. ... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Garden Calendar

Below is a graphical representation of the growing year in Northwest Arkansas.  It is amazing to see that Spinach can be harvested almost all year round.  And its such a versatile crop.  You can have it as a salad or cook it with pasta, add it to eggs or just saute it with your favorite... Continue Reading →

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