Where to Homestead

If you need to be near a city in order to have an income below is a list of some of the areas that may be of interest.  From Bella Vista to Fayetteville you will see faster growing communities than if you go east toward Huntsville which is only about 25 miles away from Springdale.

Where to Homestead -COLOR

A great site to visit for specific are information would be backyardchickens.com

Bell Vista apparently has a POA that does not let you have backyard chicken. The city of Rogers will let you have up to 4 chickens but no roosters.  Bentonville has the same criteris or 4 hens and no rooster. Springdale is not as friendly when it comes to chickens. If you live in a residential area you are not allowed to have backyard chickens but there is a group that is fighting for this.  A good article to read on urban agriculture in the Northwest Arkansas area is “Urban Agriculture on the Rise in Northwest Arkansas“. This article gives more detail on Fayetteville and Springdale.

Fayetteville allows you to have 4 hens for a 5,000 sq foot lot and 1 additional hen for every additional 5,000 sq feet.  When you search for information on Hindville AR, you will get information on Hunstville.  Hindsville is a very small community of about 75 people according to the 2000 census per Wiki.  Hindville also does not have any schools, so yo uwoul need to travel to Hunstville which is about 10 miles away.  Hindsville is actually in between Sprindale and Huntsville if you take 412.  In Hunstville as long as you have 2 acres or more you can have up to 25 “fowl” per acre.  This includes any combination of chickens, guineas, phesants and quals.  If you do not have at least 2 acres you can only have 3 backyard chickens and no roosters.  Here is the actual ordinance PDF which will go into further detail on other animals.